The story of Superlife

The Superlife journey began in 2011, when we set up our first beehives to pollinate orchards in New Zealand’s lush, sub-tropical far north. 

From here to the world
Spreading the good word

But the more we learned about Mānuka honey, the more we wanted to share this uniquely New Zealand natural food with families, adventurous gourmets and health-conscious people at home and around the world. And as demand for authentic Mānuka honey grew, so did we.

The back of beyond
Far and away

Our hives are scattered across more than 100,000 acres of windswept, Mānuka-clad bush in remote backcountry locations of New Zealand’s North and South Islands – some so isolated that hives can only be located by GPS and placed by helicopter – to minimise damage to delicate ecosystems. 

Our home, to yours
Made by us, for you

At home in Taupo, in the heart of the North Island, SuperLife is still proudly independent, 100% New Zealand owned, operated and in charge of every stage of the honey journey from our bees to you.

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