Where are our products made?

We are a team of kiwis and are proudly New Zealand owned and operated. All of our products are manufactured in New Zealand.

What is the difference between different UMF™ numbers?

SuperLife's UMF ratings range from 5+, 10+, 13+, 15+ to 20+, with 20+ indicating the highest levels of Mānuka honey’s signature compounds. The higher the number, the higher the concentration of these compounds, the more targeted the usage for common wellness remedies, which is why higher UMF levels also tend to have a darker colour and distinctive taste.

What does UMF™ mean?

UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is a quality mark identifying natural unadulterated Mānuka honey produced in New Zealand. This mark means the honey has been tested in a laboratory authorised by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, to make sure it has the signature compounds that distinguish Mānuka from other honey. Not all Mānuka honeys are UMF rated – only those that have been independently tested and verified by UMFHA (the UMF Honey Association) are given a rating. 

What is Mānuka honey?

Mānuka honey is a premium monofloral honey created when bees source their nectar primarily from the flower of the Mānuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium), indigenous to New Zealand. As well as being delicious, Mānuka honey has been proven to contain high levels of unique natural compounds that are increasingly being recognised as beneficial to human health. This sets it apart as one of nature’s true wonder foods. Around the world, people are looking for ways to improve their immunity, and seeking the immune-boosting benefits of Mānuka honey.  

Why it is so expensive?

Different to blend honey or raw honey, Mānuka honey is made by bees foraging almost exclusively on Mānuka flowers. Mānuka honey contains contains different UMF ratings that represent the unique signature compounds which are antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, and support digestive and immune health.

There are lots of Mānuka honey brands. Why should I choose SuperLife?

SuperLife is one of the largest independently owned Mānuka honey companies in New Zealand – the home of authentic Mānuka honey. Our specialist beekeepers keep our bees happy and healthy. We offer a full range of Mānuka honey, from everyday multifloral and monofloral varieties, to potent high-UMF™ Mānuka honey. Because we own the hives and honey making facility, and bottle every jar ourselves, we can maintain strict quality controls at every step. Every jar is 100% New Zealand made, and independently tested and labelled to meet Ministry for Primary Industries requirements.